The Process

We could totally exchange a few messages, or emails, and both make a decision based on those, whether we’d like to work together. I mean, it’s likely that my dazzling wit, friendliness and website knowledge will come across in those. Just as I will get a feel for exactly what you want from your website from those few lines.

However, if you’re up for creating a working relationship that’s based on more than a few lines of type and a proposal, I would love to get to know you, and therefore your business. I choose to create websites for women who have something they are passionate about and who have built a business around it. This is partly because I love to work with driven women who know they are meant for more than just the 9-5 building someone else’s empire and partly because I am nosey and love to chat to new people! Knowing the faces, the laughter, the passion and the tears that happen behind the scenes is a part of me getting to know you and creating the perfect website that does exactly what you want it to do.

So, the process I go through with my clients is for us to hop on a call (feel free to bring coffee or wine), have a chat about life, your business, and the vision you have in your head for your website. I will then put together a personalised proposal and we can take it from there!

If you’re ready for us to chat, you can book a call.