Hi, I’m Lottie. I am a self taught web developer, nomad, pretend coffee drinker, Dream Strategist, tiny home dweller, dreamer, perpetual globetrotter, mindfulness junkie, sporadic travel blogger, chatterbox and, avid podcast listener.

I work from my narrowboat while floating around the UK waterways. From here I am passionate about encouraging people to achieve their big dreams and visions whether that’s by helping them implement an action plan to do so or by empowering them to take their vision online and share it with the world!

specialise in WordPress and, more specifically, the Divi theme. I love to start with a blank canvas then bring your vision to life in the online world. I am also a bit of a nerd who loves a challenge so, although I moan about it, I do like resolving the technical issues that have my clients baffled.

You can see some of my work here (although I am not very good at remembering to add sites to my portfolio) or you can read on to find out how we came to be hanging out here together.

Having spent several years shepherding children in London classrooms, managing teachers moving overseas from a Toronto office and then hanging out with Gogos in support groups in Zululand, South Africa, I came up with a bright idea to travel the perimeter of South Africa with a caravan. One month later, my boyfriend and our two dogs set off. Considering having the idea was about as much planning as went into it, it’s not suprising that not long after hitting the road, we realised we needed a way to earn money. I had already started a travel blog and, because I don’t like to do a half job at anything, had taught myself the fundamentals of web development. Soon my friends started asking me for help with their sites (I seem to know a lot of entrepreneurs0 then their friends started asking and, before I know it, I was charging for web development.

Ok, ok, it wasn’t as dreamy and easy as that. When is the good stuff ever that simple? Not only does it take perseverance, a tough skin and lots of grit to be a freelancer, I was doing it from a caravan with no electricity, often no cell signal and very little water (I know, laptops don;t need water but showering does make me more productive). It was location independence as it’s finest and I can safely say #vanlife is not as romantic as it sounds!

Anyway, I digress. I spent the last few years immersing myself in location independent communities, learning new skills through courses and resources, taking part in Digitial Roamads‘inaugurall co-working trip and, having won a scholarship, joining the Institute of Code‘s first ever Digitial Marketing retreat.

Along the way, I have become involved with Female Travel Bloggers and now, alongside 3 other awesome women, we run the community of women from all around the world who unapologetically juggle their passion for seeing and experiencing the world with their businesses, families, friends, and commitments. As a community, we encourage members to support, inspire and share with each other.

By learning as much as I could about everything that piqued my interest I have what makes me happy. I now specialise in WordPress and, more specifically with the Divi theme. I use this to create websites that are functional, engaging, intuitive and appealing to your audience while representing you, your brand and your mission. I also offer technical troubleshooting, custom development for website tweaking and redesigns. You can find out more about how we could work together here.

From working with clients from all walks of life I have realised who it is that I am meant to work with. I love enabling entrepreneurs, bloggers, dreamers, and people who have a big vision for their lives to shout about that from the (digital) rooftops.

If this sounds like you, I’d love to chat 🙂